We have been working with the post office for quite a long time now. We know their systems, requirements and paperwork process. We've also learned that sometimes it's the details that get you.

For example, saturation mailings require your pieces to be grouped by route while bulk mailings need to be sorted by zip code. Then there is the question of which form, which rate and what post office you need to take your mailer to. This can be both time consuming and a little daunting to those who aren't familiar with the process. That's why we design, print, address, prepare, sort and take your mailings to the post office for you. It is our job to make yours simple.



The cost to have us design, print, address and take your mailings to the post office might be less than you think. We can help you qualify for better postage rates that can drastically reduce the overall cost of the job.

We can do this by designing each piece for exact post office standards, employing intelligent mail bar codes and checking addresses against the PO database.

We have the tools and talent to find the most cost effective way for you to get your mailing out.



Not only do our designers know how to make your mailing pieces look good, but they also know what papers, finishes, sizes and weights the post office likes. A well-designed mailer is one that "fits" and one that catches the eye. We can help you with both.



Postal regulations keep changing, often making it more challenging to get discounted rates on mailings.

Our mailing system will CASS Certify your addresses, update them with the national change of address [NCOA] registry, sort them by zip code and print the required Intelligent Mail Bar-code to help you save a bundle on postage.

We take the stress out of direct mail by filling out your USPS paperwork, making sure your pieces are post office friendly & even hand delivering them to the post office on your behalf.